World Congress of Neurology

ABL in Dubai

The XXIV World Congress of Neurology takes place in Dubai from October 27 to 31, and we are proud to participate in this important scientific event. World Congress of Neurology brings together the worlds scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about neurology, our focus area for developing and exploring treatments for better energy metabolism in the brain. Here in Dubai, we are presenting a recent study about the effects of medium-term carnosine supplementation for patient-reported outcomes in multiple sclerosis. Supported by CarnoMed LLC, our study demonstrated that 4-month administration of carnosine (500 mg/day) is effective in reducing fatigue in 51 men and women with MS, thus providing a possible adjuvant therapy for this perplexing condition. The abstract of our study has just been published in Journal of Neurological Sciences as a first ABL trial that tackles MS; more studies and interesting findings are in the pipeline!

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