Searching for a better creatine

New paper in Food Science & Nutrition

A new paper from our lab has just been published in Food Science & Nutrition! In this randomized, controlled, double‐blind, crossover trial, we evaluated the effects of creatine nitrate plus creatinine on serum and muscle creatine levels. It appears that this novel mixture resulted in a more powerful rise in serum creatine comparing to either creatine nitrate or creatine monohydrate after a single‐dose intervention; this was accompanied by a significantly superior increase in muscle creatine levels after creatine nitrate-creatinine administration at 5‐days follow‐up, as compared to other creatine products. Our results suggest that CN‐CRN is a preferred and relatively safe alternative to traditional creatine formulations for improved creatine bioavailability. The free full text is available here.

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