Our partners

Building sustainable partnerships with industry and governmental stakeholders

Applied Bioenergetics Lab is supported for its research activities by in-house endowments and by many national and international partners from Europe, North America and Asia. Besides continuous support we receive from our father institution, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, we are also covered by governmental and non-governmental scientific foundations through multi-year projects.

We are particularly proud for our partnerships with leading industry entities that enable joint projects to address pre-clinical development studies and clinical trials for many innovative therapeutics!


Why choose us?

Past two decades bring increased pressure on dietary supplement manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to control research and development costs while increasing productivity and reducing the time to market for new products.

Working with external partners might be a solution that could allow industry to save research costs and access different pools of knowledge. By 2020, nearly 72% of clinical trails are projected to be outsourced from industry to contract research organizations, compared to just 23% in 2012.

This trend creates an opportunity for Applied Bioenergetics Lab as a feasible industry partner to background scientific ventures in instigating promising bioenergetics agents, and help translate it into effective therapeutics.

The reasons why many companies contracted us for outsourcing specialized research projects are enlisted below:

  • Appropriate research resources and technical knowledge
  • Dedication to develop industry-distinctive research models
  • Previous cGLP experience
  • Proper safety programs
  • Time-saving pre-trial proceedings
  • Efficient pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Trials registered at ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Results published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Post-trial advocacy and communication
  • Flexible IP policy
  • Possibility for a long-term relationship
  • Cost-effective projects

How to be involved?

If you want to help us doing research that might improve your health but also a well-being of others through understanding challenging phenomena of clinical bioenergetics, then you are a perfect candidate to participate in our next trial! Being a participant in our studies means that you will come into contact with many innovative and promising agents, be monitored with cutting-edge devices, while looked after by dedicated staff that will answer any questions and keep your safety as a number-one priority.

Here you will find a list of open studies, and if you are interested to participate, just click on the study link to find more about each study and weather you are eligible to join in!


If you are interested in collaboration