Our projects

Building sustainable partnerships with industry and governmental stakeholders

Applied Bioenergetics Lab is supported for its research activities by in-house endowments and by many national and international partners from Europe, North America and Asia.

Besides continuous support we receive from our father institution, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, we are also covered by governmental and non-governmental scientific foundations through multi-year projects.

We are particularly proud for our partnerships with leading industry entities that enable joint projects to address pre-clinical development studies and clinical trials for many innovative therapeutics!

Muscular and Neural Factors of Human Locomotion and Their Adaptation

Serbian Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development funded our institution for this five-year fundamental project (Grant No. 175037).

We address here the basic physiology of energy metabolism homeostasis in energy-demanding tissues (e.g. brain, liver, skeletal muscle), and monitor dynamics of changes in bioenergetics after different nutritional and physiological interventions.

Novel Biomarkers of Fatigue and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

This is a three-year project supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research (Grant No. 114-451-710).

We investigate the validity and feasibility of several innovative biomarkers of mitochondrial bioenergetics across general population, among clinical patients and in athletic environment.

Molecular Hydrogen in Health and Disease

Japanese company Miz Co Ltd. from Kanagawa provided an equipment grant of hydrogen-generating machines (Grant No. XX-2016) for a multi-trial research analyzing the effectiveness and safety of molecular hydrogen, a possible mitochondria-centric agent, in different health conditions.

So far, we addressed its applicability in population with cardiometabolic risk, elderly with mild cognitive impairment, and collegiate athletes for exercise performance enhancement.

Advanced Creatine Formulations for Better Blood and Tissue Bioenergetics

This is a short-term project supported by a well-respected multinational company ThermoLife International from Phoenix, Arizona (Grant No. XX-2018).

Our team evaluates how various creatine blends affect serum and muscle creatine in healthy volunteers, both acutely and after medium-term consumption.