Targeting the brain with hydrogen

February 5th, 2021|News|

Clinical applications of molecular hydrogen seem to favorably affect obesity-related metabolic biomarkers in peripheral tissues, yet whether H2 directly tackles obesity pathways in the brain remains elusive. We summarized several molecular targets in the hypothalamus and beyond that could be altered by H2 gas in obesity in a new paper just published in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

On-Going Research

Finding out how novel formulations affect creatine uptake

March 15th, 2019|On-going research|

Finding out how novel formulations affect creatine uptake Kick-off for ThermoLife Int. project on creatine We just started the new project analyzing how various creatine salts and mixtures affect creatine utilization in healthy men. Besides evaluation of formulas’ acute pharmacokinetics, we also analyze the possible effects of experimental interventions on muscle creatine concentration using non-invasive 1.5 [...]

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