Who We Are

Center for Innovative Therapeutics

Applied Bioenergetics Lab is an inventive, dynamic and multidisciplinary research facility at the University of Novi Sad.

It covers research topics from the fields of basic, translational and clinical bioenergetics. The main objective of our lab is to design and scrutinize innovative therapeutics that protect and upgrade mitochondrial bioenergetics and metabolism in health and disease.

By working with different partners, from industry to government, Applied Bioenergetics Lab strives to make scientific endeavor as successful, impactful, and cost-effective as possible!


From designing new chemicals to measuring tissue metabolites and performance

Applied Bioenergetics Lab is carefully furnished with state-of-the-art equipment suitable for investigating and recording a number of biochemical, physiological, psychological and medical outcomes primarily in human participants.

Equipment on- and off-site fueled up by our expertise provides the technology essential to understand (patho)physiology of clinical bioenergetics, but also to monitor a plethora of biomarkers and patient-reported feedbacks in response to specific interventions, thus providing accurate and timely results to clinicians, customers, and for scientific purposes.


Multidisciplinary expertise and visionary team work combined for transformative science


Our research staff is composed of clinical and field scientists and technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in the multidisciplinary field of applied bioenergetics, including pre-clinical and clinical medicine, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and nutrition, exercise science and experimental psychology.

We have all-encompassing personnel that is currently composed of senior and junior faculty members, several postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, and laboratory technicians.

Sergej M. Ostojic


Senior biomedical scientist with broad research background in medicine, applied physiology and nutrition.

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Milan Vranes


His scientific field of interest is analytical chemistry, synthesis of biologically active ionic liquids; and their application in analytical methods and procedures.

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Jelena Ostojic


Certified clinical medical physicist in diagnostic radiology, experienced in magnetic resonance (MR).

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Darinka Korovljev


Darinka Korovljev, born 1976, has scientific experience from working on implementing different health interventions in aging population. She holds a Ph.D. in molecular hydrogen research from the University of Novi Sad, and has a postdoctoral fellowship in Applied Bioenergetics Lab. Dr Darinka Korovljev manages the lab’s international projects.

Tatjana Jezdimirovic


Tatjana Jezdimirovic, born 1985, holds a Ph.D. degree in applied physiology, and has a temporary postdoctoral fellowship. She investigates the link between mitochondrial (dys)function and autnomous nervous system irregularities in cardiometabolic diseases, including obesity, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, across different age groups.

Valdemar Stajer


Valdemar Stajer, Ph.D, born 1986, is a teaching assistant, and a chief laboratory technician, with specific knowledge and skills in biochemistry and exercise physiology. For his doctoral thesis, he studied dynamics of creatine synthesis biomarkers in clinical and athletic environment.

Dragana Zanini

Ph.D. student

Dragana Zanini, born 1983, is a clinical psychologist, a lab technician and a Ph.D. student. Her thesis looks into a link between inadequate brain bioenergetics and cognitive impairment, and approaches nutritional interventions to tackle low bioenergetics in gray and white mater.

Vesna Seper

Ph.D. student

Vesna Seper, born 1979, is a Ph.D. student and part-time lab technician. As a certified physiotherapist, her expertise help to run thesis that probes age-related changes in muscle bioenergetics, mainly focused to sarcopenia and muscle-specific interventions.

Dejan Javorac

Ph.D. student

Dejan Javorac, born 1987, is a PhD student and a lab technician. He explores value of inhalational, topical and oral hydrogen in different pathologies; from athletic performance, to traumatic brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Sasa Semeredi

Ph.D. student

Sasa Semeredi, born 1988, a Ph.D. student, analyzes kinetics and value of different amino acid derivatives (such as methyl-creatine and creatine) dispensed to improve exercise performance and surrogate markers of bioenergetics in energy-rich tissues.

Nikola Todorovic

Ph.D. student

Nikola Todorovic, born 1993, is a Ph.D. student and lab technician, investigates the effects of various interventions on biomarkers of energy metabolism and health-related lifestyle behaviours in clinical and non-clinical populations.


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