ABLAB lecture at HBMNC 2023

Professor Ostojic gave a lecture at Chinese Hydrogen Biomedical Congress

Last week, Professor Sergej M. Ostojic gave a guest lecture at Ninth National Hydrogen Biomedical Congress and the Forum on Molecular Hydrogen Medicine and Geriatrics Health of Chinese Congress on Gerontology and Health Industry in Haikou, China. His lecture provided a summary and discussion of the ergogenic (and ergolytic) effects of molecular hydrogen, probable mechanism(s) of action, and addressed several open questions and limitations related to molecular hydrogen use in nutrition and physiology. Many world leading experts in molecular hydrogen research presented their recent findings at this far-reaching scientific event, including Shigeo Ohta, Ding Wenjiang, Jan Slezak, Shen Wenbiao, Mami Noda, Tyler LeBaron, Kyu-Jae Lee, and Deng Dehui. Conference manual for this conference is available upon request.

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