ABLAB at Long COVID 2023 Congress

Another RCT on creatine for long COVID

On November 24 and 25, our recent findings were presented at the Second Long COVID Congress in Jena, Germany! At this event, ABLAB technician and PhD student Nikola Todorovic presented a segment of our recent trial. This segment focused on investigating the potential differential effects of a three-month regimen of breathing exercises, with and without creatine supplementation, on patient-reported outcomes, exercise tolerance, and tissue creatine levels in patients experiencing long COVID. Our study revealed a significant increase in total creatine levels across brain and skeletal muscle tissues in the creatine group. Moreover, participants in the creatine group exhibited a 54-second improvement in time to exhaustion following the intervention. The paper detailing the full study will soon be published in the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine.

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