A combination more effective for tissue bioenergetics

Our paper on creatine-guanidinoacetic acid published in Nutrition

Our research paper describing the effects of co-administration of creatine and guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) has been published in January 2019 issue of journal Nutrition. As a segment of his PhD thesis experiment, first co-author Sasa Semeredi and the rest of our team suggest here that creatine-GAA mixture might be superior to creatine alone for up-swinging tissue creatine concentration and muscular strength, while tending toward a lower risk of weight gain.

Therefore, this innovative formulation might be considered as a novel energy-boosting alternative to creatine alone in weight-sensitive setups, although many open questions remain. Sasa also received a Traveling Award for Young Investigators for this study at ESPEN 2018 in Madrid.

The free full text is available here

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